How To Extract Studio Quality Vocals From ANY Song!

Bedroom and professional producers alike are always looking for studio quality vocals or acapellas to work with.

In this guide we show you how to extract studio quality vocals from any song, allowing you to create your own bank of acapellas.

By far, the best and highest quality tool out there for extracting studio quality vocals from songs is LALAL.AI, which we will be using in this guide. What’s more, by registering using the links in this article you will be able to extract vocals from the first 10 minutes of music COMPLETELY FREE.

Step 1: Register at LALAL.AI for free

The tool we’re using in this guide is called LALAL.AI and it is easy to sign up.

If you use the button below, you’ll be able to get 10 minutes of audio extracting for free!

Once you’ve registered using the link above, come back to this guide.

Step 2: Get the highest quality version of the song or track you want to extract vocals from

This step is really important and helps ensure that you get the best possible results, if possible get yourself a WAV version of a track, however, a high quality MP3 file will still work well.

Chances are, with the era of streaming platforms you don’t have a download file of the song you want to extract vocals from. Fear not! You can use a free YouTube audio ripping website like YT2MP3. Simply paste the YouTube link of the song you want to extract vocals for, hit start and then select the highest quality mp3 available.

Step 3: Upload your MP3 or WAV file

Your audio file will now start being processed by LALAL.AI’s incredibly powerful AI powered algorithm, this will take less than a minute.

Head over to the LALAL.AI website and hit “Select Files“, choosing your audio file for vocal extraction:

Step 4: Select the multitrack and preview

Once your audio file has finished processing you can now select what parts of the track you want to extract. In this scenario, we want to extract the vocals, so make sure you’ve selected the “Vocal and Instrumental” option.

On the right hand side you’ll see the vocals and instrumental in two separate audio player areas. To preview how incredibly polished these will sound simply hit play on the part you want to hear.

Step 5: Extract the full vocals

Assuming you followed Step 1 above and registered for LALAL.AI using the button shown or this link you will now be able to extract the vocals for free!

If you are seeing a message asking you to pay then make sure you use this link to register for LALAL.AI

In the yellow box, as shown below on the LALAL.AI page, click Process the Entire File [Vocal] to start the magic! This will get the truly incredible LALAL.AI algorithms started, completely extracting the vocals to a studio quality level.

Step 6: Download the studio quality vocal extraction

The last step now is to hit download and your vocals will now be downloaded as a WAV file!

You’re now free to be able to experiment with these vocals. So, if you’re a DJ get those vocals in to a mix for an unforgettable set. If you’re a producer then, well, it’s time to get remixing!

Final Tip: Upgrade for more tracks and songs

Now that you’ve seen just how incredible LALAL.AI is for extracting vocals and creating stems of tracks you’re definitely going to what to do a lot more. Using the links in this article you’ll get the first ten minutes for free, and then after that you can upgrade to be able to do more songs!